Safety in the Neighborhood

Alex Briggs


This year for Night Out for Safety and Liberation, we asked people who are currently incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison in California to share their thoughts about what safety means. Read the below post by Alex Briggs:

Safety is everyone speaking and greeting one another on a daily basis in the neighborhoods we live.

Safety is when your kid is able to cross into a neighbor’s yard or fence to retrieve a frisbee or any toy without fear of the neighbor placing the child at risk.

Safety is when your neighbor can report to a parent without fear of retribution when they witness a kid(s) doing something wrong.

Safety is when a minister, or elderly person can take strolls through the neighborhood without fear of being accosted.

Safety is walking your pet and assured that it nor yourself will be threatened or attacked by any pets that are unleashed.

Safety is sitting in your living room and the only trajectory that could possibly crash through your window is a kid’s baseball.

Safety is when taking your family on a scenic Sunday drive through any street, neighborhood, or highway without fear of trepidation other than being watchful of children playing or pedestrians crossing streets.